Not so smooth

So honestly not at all happy with the way pages/templates are built in newer wordpress. Really really unhappy with the hack job I’ve done, even though it works. I’ve looked around on the templates library for something that’ll work but they’re all garbage IMO. Why is the current trend to waste an entire screenful or more on site header/banner and tons of wasted unusable space? That’s why I stuck with that creaky old apple-styled leopress theme for so long. It didn’t look like garbage, and didn’t waste the entire screen like basically EVERYTHING I’m seeing out there now.

As I’ve probably mentioned on here before, I’m not really a UI design guy. I can *implement* them, sort of, from a design document/working with a UI person, but UI is something that is very outside of my skillset. I’ll keep poking around. But I don’t think this site gets much traffic anymore either so noones complaining but me 🙂