New look afoot, maybe, plus reCaptcha'd

I’m working on pulling out the old theme and replacing it because it’s ancient, not updated, and doesn’t use any modern bits of WordPress. Unfortunately AFAIK there’s no way for me to prepare a complete gutting/fixing of say 2022 or the default theme and then just switch, so if you wander by over the next days/weeks and the site is horribly broken, wait an hour or two, I’ll either fix it or revert it back to the old theme.

Along those lines, I’m also now shoveling in reCaptcha v3. I temporarily disabled registration/etc because the old user verification plugin broke with new WP, which is what kept the spammers away…maybe a day or two of that turned off and there were 4-5 signups from bots. Nuked them. reCaptcha is now installed…and I’m looking for a new email verification plugin/registration flow now.

For those unaware, reCaptcha v3 is silent, background, scoring. We’ll see how this works, if it’s bad, then I’ll move back to the v2 which is intrusive, AKA the “classic” box/checkmark/Turing test reCaptcha.