This hack thinks 300GB is a lot...

I actually found a hack that thinks 300GB is a lot. First that’s not entirely the point (Comcast, etc, have all been selling unlimited internet for starters) – second, it’s NOT nearly as much as you think. Third they still want YOU to pay and Netflix to pay for any Netflix traffic you use. Similarly they want the same deal with every content provider, and screw the little guys who can’t pay and can’t pay at multiple interconnection points throughout the country.

A reality check – his numbers assume you’ll not use HD streaming, reality is you’ll be using that way more often than not. Especially since anything else looks liek crap. And HD netflix is around 100HRS of streaming for 300GB (not the larger figure he gave). If you and the wife are watching one stream, and the kids another (and lets face it – they’re probably both watching different ones) – and you all watch lets say a total of 2 hrs, there’s a minimum of 6 “hours” of data used right there. “But it was only two?” No – it’s additive.

Windows Updates are in the 1G range. Apple iOS varies a lot but a few hundred megs. Android as well but we’ll say a few hundred megs. What about that smart TV you’ve got? And the youtube your daughter watches of all those cute kittens? Oh, and your spam eminating smart fridge. Now they’ll charge you when it gets infected because the manufacturer can’t be bothered to fix it.