Backups are NOT archives

After reading this article in the Boston Globe Someone needs to inform the paper, the legal system, and maybe even their IT department that Backups ARE NOT ARCHIVES. An archive in this example would capture and keep a copy of everything seperately, not take a snapshot of the Inbox.

It’s entirely possible that they intentionally deleted things (maliciously) but even if they did, there should be an alternate archive system.

All too often backups get abused into trying to be archives, and it just does not work. This is so common tat many backup systems have bent to this. It’s so common that one that doesn’t gets asked so often they usually write a FAQ about it as AMANDA has done.

So folks, if you need archives, get a proper archiving system and quit trying to bastardize perfectly good backup software into doing it. There are many archiving systems out here. And no they’re not cheap. Why? Because a database archive, an e-mail archive, and a file archive all have very different properties.