On life

So I’ve tried to keep this Blog work-centric, but I’m going to break the fourth wall a bit here. I’ve had less content creation drive due to changing my complete life and job situation roughly 12 years ago. As the new work situation has evolved I’m doing less and less actual systems administration for work, and no networking these days for the day job. And as anyone whose read this knows, that was the bread and butter. Mostly I wrangle the database servers over at the current day job. And really, that’s mostly boring when you’re only dealing with in-house stuff, which I further can’t really talk about outside school.

So what does that mean? Well for content worthy stuff I’m lacking. And I (OBVIOUSLY) used this as a sort of “Steam vent” which I don’t need anymore. I’ve been struggling to find a new and better(?) tone for the blog, and struggling to find the desire to put content up here.

What little content creation I’m doing over the last while has been for others, I’m not really a content creation guy though so that saps my desire to go here and write.

I’ve got a bit of an idea to go back to old posts and revisit them. Some of them didn’t age so well and in a funny (to me) way. Some of them show the person I was then too, which, yikes. Though I think anyone that looks back at themselves from 10-20 years ago and doesn’t cringe might not be being honest with themselves!